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Samantha Coulton

Certified WILDFIT Coach

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My Story

At 49, I thought this was it!  


My life….. was I destined to be a few pounds over weight forever.


I loved my life, living an expat lifestyle, a solid marriage of 15 years and two beautiful daughters but I had emotional mood swings, lack of energy, chronic IBS  and of course, carrying those extra 20 pounds. 


I have tried numerous diets over the years, Weight Watchers, Scottish Slimmers, Dukan, Atkins, 5:2, Cabbage soup, Jason Vale - Juicing, and the most recent Zone diet.  These are to name but a few of the diets I have tried over the years, not to mention the exercise regimes, I have invested in. 


I must admit, when I start, I do have this great diet mentality and I have experienced some great short term wins; the weight released but within months of stopping, I would regain the weight, usually more.  I have never re-found success returning to a previous diet regime.  


During the COVID 19 pandemic, with lots of time at home as a family, we spent time reminiscing of the days when we could travel.  Whilst skimming through family photos, I noticed that I was absent in many.  This was heartbreaking and it was like I did not exist, especially when we visited a beach or water park as I hated the way my body looked.  At this moment I knew I had to do something to correct insecurities around my body image, so I would not project this negativity on my children.


It was obvious that I had been ignoring my health and wellbeing; just accepting my ageing body. I thought I was fairly healthy, through eating in moderation, but I had no energy to do anything.  Was my body telling me, it had nothing left to give?

Clearly driven with a plan to lose weight and be happy, I stumbled upon Mind Valley, promoting WILDFIT.  I was captivated with Eric Edmeades and his methodology; needless to say I began the WILDFIT 90 day challenge in February 2021 with a large group of like minded individuals to improve my health and hopefully, lose those excess pounds.  


Immediately, I knew I had never started a ‘diet’ like this before and realised this was different.  I became mindful around food, I was more aware of types of hunger, loved the weekly videos and the group check ins.  I felt part of something bigger and I could listen to Eric all day.  


This challenge opened my eyes to the food industry and the tactics they utilise through marketing to get us hooked; those amazing advertisements that make you feel hungry just by looking at an image.


As the weeks progressed I felt more inspired,  by the end of the challenge I had released those excess pounds and felt 20 years younger.


But what was truly amazing, was that now I had no IBS symptoms, no more brain fog, I slept soundly and had new found energy stopping me needing afternoon naps. What I have gained from WILDFIT is priceless - positivity, self- esteem, mental clarity and HAPPINESS!


Ask my husband, the benefits of WILDFIT!


You too can have food freedom, remove food cravings and sleep soundly at night. 


You now have the option to reset your body, take control of your life and have the energy and vitality to LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST!  


If your ready to join the food revolution that is WILDFIT, then join me as I coach my next WILDFIT 90 day challenge.

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